Throwback Thursday: Chaser Brand

It’s Thursday, so let’s throw it back, shall we? How many of you are Chaser Brand fans? I am, and this distressed ultra soft National Geographic sweatshirt is one of my favorites. They’re a little rock n roll, a little ironic, a whole lot of cool.

I did this set almost a year ago in Pasadena back when I was just starting to shoot. You can see that my hair was colored in a chocolate brown wash…I’m thinking I’ll do it again in 2 weeks so I can freshen up my newly shorter “lob” :D Stay tuned peeps! And thanks for reading.

Game face? Game face.
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It’s a jungle out there. You can follow National Geographic on Instagram. Brilliant photos. @Natgeo.


If I recall, it was pretty warm that day. Mid squint…


Just strolling through Old Town Pasadena. Those are vintage combat boots I’m wearing.


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Ok, now let’s grab some coffee. Over and out.


 Sweatshirt: Chaser Brand

Bag: CC Skye

Pants: Sanctuary

Boots: Vintage.

 Photography: Stewart Uy


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