Hell No, Cardio

G’morning ya’ll. I find this post so fitting. This was shot a few days later, post Runyon Canyon. If any of you really know me, I’m not a runner. Like, at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work out. I just do other means of exercise, preferably in temperature controlled rooms such as spinning and yoga. I have love for Mother Nature absolutely, but I don’t really do the whole hiking thing especially when it’s pushing 90 degrees dry heat. That’s bordering suicidal to me, personally.

Last week however, I was coaxed into doing Runyon which is rather rare. Apparently I was feeling bold that day, but was with nice company, so I sucked it up and swapped my tranquil routine yoga flow for the vertical dusty incline stairs. It was hot. A dry 94 degrees to be exact. No sane person in their right mind would voluntarily be out there running up a damn mountain enjoying it. The little puppies at the base of the mountain were whining and I don’t blame them. One weenie dog named Twig planted his paws in the dust and refused to go any further. I’m with you Twig, I feel ya.

But we did it, actually we killed it. And the views from the top of the ridge are quite nice once you get up there. God speed, Twig.

What’s your workout of choice? :D

Sweatshirt by Wildfox Couture
Sweatshirt by Wildfox Couture
Tevas. Because the Birk is last season
Tevas. Because the Birk is last season.




Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon

Sweatshirt: Wildfox Couture

Aviators: Le Specs

Jeans: J Brand

Sandals: Teva

Photos by: Erich Chen Photography


    1. Lauren Nakagawa

      Dang good for you Lisa. I’m really all about yoga and spinning, but as for running I would appreciate the stamina to kick in, hehe. Cheers!


  1. stylewich

    i haven’t seen tevas in forever but you make them look so chic. must investigate. did you do runyon in those tevas?? nice! i’ve been going to runyon for years and think it’s the best place in the city for a short hike. pretty views, pretty people (and their pretty dogs), and not too far from good lunch places for refueling afterwards.

    i love your writing style. your posts are always so much fun to read. :)

    love, liz

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    1. Lauren Nakagawa

      Hehe, thanks Liz. Don’t get me wrong, I love Runyon too but not on a blistering hot day like that, I was not having it.
      I hope when I run into you that I sound as I do in writing, hehe :)
      *hugs* – Lauren


  2. Tania

    I totally hate running too!! I usually do the stairmaster instead. I’ve done Runyon before but hiking it is enough for me. I can’t believe you ran there! #hardcore!


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