No Way, No

This would have been a really light “What I Wore” post, however I’ve come down with some severe writer’s block the past couple of days do to circumstances that have since put me in some sort of mood. I have now composed myself, as well as my thoughts and I’d like to communicate them as best I can.

Relationships are hard. I’m really talking about the relationship you have with yourself. Even though I have a great guy that is kind, supportive, and thoughtful whom I proudly stand by, you will often times find me alone (never lonely though, there’s a big difference.) I’m perfectly content being by myself, always have been. That takes a certain amount of confidence absolutely. But even the people who have a tough outer shell have feelings. I’ve been hurt one too many times (professionally and personally) to even begin to tell you how hard of a person I’ve become, I’m getting much better though. The silver lining to all this is that with all the lows (many painful) and hurdles life throws at you, it has made me really self aware. After all, the most important relationship you can have is with yourself.

The older I get the more this saying “it’s best to be alone than in poor company” rings true. Quality over quantity. Stick up for yourself, fight for those who will fight for you. Bonus points if you look good doing it. And finally… don’t look back, you’re not going that way :)

Will I ever be too far away when you feel alone? (No way, no) - Magic
Will I ever be too far away when you feel alone? (No way, no) – Magic



Will I ever back down my sword to protect our home? (No way, no) – Magic



Unfamiliar with the lyrics I’m referencing? Watch the music vid here:

 No Way, No

What I’m wearing:

Top: Mate the Label

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Boutique 9

Necklace: J Crew (gifted by Stylewich)

Aviators: Le Specs

All shot by Anna Wu Photography in my hometown of Piedmont, CA


    1. Lauren Nakagawa

      Thank you for reading, your comments are always appreciated and thoughtful. Hope you’re having a lovely week :) – Lauren


  1. Charmsofpenny

    I completely I understand what you are saying. It is a challenge that I have hard time to work on. Letting go if people that actually hurt me took me a while to let go. Its ackward and uncomfortable, but I am more than glad that I got rid of the bad vibes like the song says ” Bi@&h dont kill my vibe” lol but moving to your outfit those boots are amazing! I hope the coming days are better for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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