The occasional Haute Mess

Hi everyone, hope all is well and you’re having a nice Spring thus far  :D  Life has been busy with all kinds of things and I definitely don’t take anything for granted (you’ll see eventually here and/or on Instagram.) I will be in LA next month, and then @Twelthfknight and I are going to Denver, so I have a few things lined up there already.

Now, being human and my own boss, I really feel it on occasion. They say the hustle is real, well it is, but it’s something I’m used to. Sometimes I get a little squirly, really tired, and maybe slightly pent up if I’m lacking inspiration and content. And then sometimes…. my calendars don’t sync and I miss a doc appointment (twice.) Or I am a little groggy at 5am and I don’t manage to make it 4 lanes over into the 101 northbound and find myself detouring around SFO airport to make it 35 miles north in time for a magazine shoot. (fact)

But because we as multi-taskers and boss ladies do so many things all at once while still trying to keep cool, man….I will allow myself the occasional haute mess moment. Because maybe your coffee tasted weaker than normal and you ran out of milk, or you got stuck behind a Prius who pumps the brakes too often to be safe which sends you into a mini Mad Max fury, or… you might just wake up salty for salt’s sake like I do sometimes. It’s the little things guys. As @Twelfthknight says as we walk through Safeway, “you’re like the red Kikkoman bottle, you should be less salty.” (He’s a funny guy that guy..)

So naturally, exhibit my tee from @BasicBtees. Jules gets me. Because sometimes you may not have your life together, but you sure as hell can still look good :D

Jules makes these hilarious eco friendly T shirts in Los Angeles and a portion of profits are donated to her organization Paving Pathways, helping women in Haiti become more self sufficient through business. Her Instagram is hilarious too and some of her tees are sold at various Cardio Barre locations for those who love the Barre. Lastly, if you want to order a T of your own, you can get 10% off by using code “shoesandsashimi” when you check out!

As always, thanks for reading.  It’s nice to be real on here, and I think by doing so you’re getting to know me better! Does anyone have a haute mess moment they’d like to share? :D



All photos by Julie Reichle

Haute Mess Tee: Basic B

Jeans: Joes Jeans

Jacket: Lulu’s

Shoes: Lulu’s




Week in Review

Hi everybody, it’s been quite busy to say the least but I’ve just been plugging away and it’s really paying off. I’m into celebrating the little achievements as of late, I think it’s healthy and it shows progress.

Breaking 2,000 followers on Instagram was a long time coming and I finally did it. (I’m currently at 2,300 and rising.) It’s nice to know that my content is now actually worth something and the partnerships and collaborations I’m doing is making an impact not only on my life but those close to me: from becoming an Mgemi shoe ambassador to having sponsored food posts…it’s fun and even our Furbaby Moobie gets in on the action to help spread some animal awareness (see last post)

Anyhoo, that’s basically my weekly round up in photos. I’m the busiest but happiest I’ve been and I hope you are well too. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me daily on Instagram!


Follow: @shoes_and_sashimi

Yay! Finally hit 2,000 and rising
Sushi Specials with Auntie, the original boss lady if you will…
Mgemi sent me their Cericho sneaker, and I gifted them to my Mama because she’s the bestest


I make smoothies every morning and pour them in fancy bottles because I think they are much more pleasing :D

Taking a break in my monochrome look again, my typical uniform
Running around in these Stellato flats from Mgemi are the comfiest flats I’ve every worn. And they’re pointy :D
Back to work, but first coffee
And the usual dinner eats: Ramen. Fun Fact, I would go to Santouka in Los Angeles every couple of weeks and when I moved back up here I thanked Buddha that I can get my favorite fix here without traveling 300 plus miles
And then one morning the ASPCA noticed our photos, so in collaboration with @Social_Native, the social platform will be donating $5 for each puppygram that spreads awareness of Animal Rights and Kindness. We joined the campaign and they will be donating up to $5,000 to the ASPCA through March 5th. We are very happy to support this cause :D