Pieces of Me

There are many pieces that make us whole, so when I first came across Pieces of Me on Instagram, I really was intrigued by how they mix personality with wearable merchandise. Picking one trait that sums me up in a nutshell was tough actually, but I chose the Confident symbol.


The cuff’s description: “With a strong and bold center, confident people never waver on who they are.” Sold. That’s me. I’m a go getter, I’m terribly stubborn, and I’m very confident in listening to my intuition, because it’s never really failed me.

I used to not be very confident in myself, but when you finally grow into your own skin you realize that you’re capable and a lot stronger than you thought. In Los Angeles, I had to be confident enough to run an entire Department myself, whether it was Wardrobe Styling for International commercials or an Editorial Shoot on the fly, I did it well in a very male dominated industry. And I did it by myself, no assistants no nothing.  Every shoot I’d be on, crew would yell “Where’s Wardrobe Dept?” You’re lookin’ at it.

And when I left LA last year to pursue Shoes and Sashimi full time, I was confident that I would slowly but surely make this venture succeed. And it has. It’s not easy by any means, but I’m sure thankful that I trusted my gut because there are so many things I have in store for this blog.

What’s your dominant trait? How do you stay empowered?

If you would like to wear your trait on your sleeve (or wrist) you can pick your own cuff from Pieces of Me here. Using “Lauren10” will save you 10% at checkout.


Pieces of Me

34 thoughts on “Pieces of Me

    1. Thanks Amy! I still work on shoots up here, just not as often. Unfortunately I can’t really post about them, but it’s nice that it’s given me 95% of my time to put into this bloggy. I miss LA, will try to get down there soon :)


    1. Jalisa, thank you for reading. It’s nice to share a little more on here and I hope to do so more often. Have a great week as well!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I’d say go for it if it feels right. No regrets here. And if you’re like me and enjoy calling all the shots, then I’d say run with it. Building something from the ground up is terribly hard but 10x more gratifying :)

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    1. Thanks for reading Bethany, they have a great selection of cool cuffs, one that defines you. Plus the price point isn’t bad either!


    1. Thank you Diana, really :) I’d say they’re both my passions, it was more of a lateral move to do the blogging as you’re only as good as your last movie/shoot/commercial. Free lance styling is tough but I’m glad I did it and continue to do it when the project is right :)


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