Life Update

I hope everyone is well, sorry that I’ve been off schedule, life does that once in a while. These past few weeks have been tough, and I really would like to thank photographer Rachel Radcliffe for capturing these photos particularly on a day that was rather hard for me. On August 29th, my Granny passed away at the age of 93. She was a selfless, kind, humorous woman who made her 5 kids and grand kids her world. I was lucky enough to spend nearly 30 years of time well spent with her as she lived with us in Piedmont for as long as I can remember.

Adjusting has been a process, we all were incredibly close with our Granny, but I, being the first Grand Daughter dove head first in creating her life in pictures with a photo montage for her services this past Saturday. I spent an enormous amount of quality time with my Auntie Kioko in Kensington over the last few weeks to sort through countless boxes of old slides, photos, a few paintings…and in the process I was able to learn more and more about the intricacies and dynamics of our family. I have always been close to my family, my Grandparents, cousins, Aunt, and Uncles… but now more than ever. Granny’s photo montage was beautiful, accompanied by beautiful music. It was my way of paying tribute.

Rachel shot this set on Tuesday October 4th, the day after my 30th birthday and 4 days before Saturday’s services. I was exhausted from running around and a little emotionally spent, but I still wanted to shoot and take a walk in time for sunset. I’m glad I did, because they turned out beautifully even though behind my sunglasses there were tears.

I didn’t want this post to be about surface stuff. That’s half the reason why I started this blog in the first place. It’s more of a personal note to you all, for I wanted to use this time to check in and update you with life briefly. You wouldn’t be able to tell any of this was happening by looking at social media, for Instagram is merely a highlight reel. In reality, it’s been an emotionally charged and very bittersweet few weeks.

In search of some much needed rest and revival, @Twelfthknight and I will be in LA and then Mexico for a week long respite. I’m looking forward to finding new scenery and ultimately feeling some calm and peace. I look forward to sharing our travel photos with you as well.

Thank you Rachel for these photos and thank you; my readers for continuing to read and support.







  1. Amy Zhang

    Hiii babe! I was so excited to see you had a new post up but incredibly sorry to hear of your loss. I know a virtual hug isn’t quite the same thing but… know that you’re in my heart. I hope time brings more healing, and a quick getaway helps! Thanks for sharing something incredibly personal – hope to see you soon!

    xx, Amy


    1. Lauren Nakagawa

      Thank you Amy :) Means the world. I would’ve liked to see you and Andrea this time around but it’s always a little hard to coordinate last minute. (I’ll be staying in Pasadena for half of Thursday/Friday) We’ll meet sooner than later I’m sure :)


  2. Elizabeth T.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss Lauren. Like you, I was extremely close to my grandma, and when she passed away a few years ago, I remember the tidal wave of emotions that hit me. I sincerely hope you’re feeling better. I know it takes a lot longer to be truly ok, but time will heal all. My heart is with you and your family. And of course, thank you so much for updating us with such a personal post – I know it must’ve taken a lot for you to write all of this down.


  3. shall210

    I am so sorry for you loss.. I know how hard it can be but really appreciating all the time you had to spend with her makes it just a little bit easier. Thank you for such a honest and transparent post, very inspirational!


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