Brick Walls

“The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” – Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture


I’m currently in the midst of gearing up for NYFW in February, and I’ve been happily riding the waves that come with planning such a trip. Luckily I have some wing women who will be joining me and I look forward to sharing my point of view of the festivities as they unfold with you all very soon.


I personally have always liked brick walls. They’re there for a reason, literally and figuratively speaking. I think I’ve been hitting brick walls ever since grade school when peers told me that I couldn’t do something or thought I was weird for having different interests than them. Even as an adult, being in a creative field and being self employed comes with a certain type of judgement. There’s a huge risk factor here, but that’s kind of what we as creative entrepreneurs thrive off of. We see potential and more importantly the map in which to get there, wherever “there” may be.img_8553img_8472img_8519img_8464

This will be quite an exciting trip in two weeks…and I look forward to sharing everything here with you. It’s going to be freezing. I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with that but will deal nonetheless. All I know is that it’s going to be fun and I’m excited to get a new perspective and inspiration along the way. img_8480img_8526

I’ll be covering some of my prep that I’ve been doing here in the city in a post to come next week, so look out for that if you’re interested. Until then, thanks for reading!

All photos shot by Julia O Photo

Jackson Square, San Francisco

Button Up: Rails


    1. Lauren Nakagawa

      Nice, are you excited? Most things are unfolding the week of, so we’ll see where I end up :D My best advice is to be flexible, it’s all ever changing


  1. Rina

    I swear you wrote this post as if the words we’re coming from my own mouth. I definitely can relate on how you feel as being a creative and taking risks to achieve what you want out of your careeer and life. They are so worth it and are definitely motivating! Wish I was going to Fashion Week in New York but it’s too close to my travel time to Europe so maybe for NYFW SS2018. Here’s hoping!

    xoxo Rina


  2. Atsuna Matsui (@atsunamatsui)

    This post was so inspirational and really resonated with me! I’m actually in the same shoes as you where I feel like working in the creative field and being self-employed has made other cast judgment on me or not take me seriously for my profession. There has definitely been a huge risk factor for me since I quit my day job a few months ago but I’ve thrived off of the grind and hustle. :)


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