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Where to Eat in Denver

Sharing some of my favorite moments from our time spent in Denver, CO now that I have a second to go through all these photos. The food scene is amazing, innovative, and incredibly fun. Colorado itself is panoramic, and the air is crisp and clean. Everyone is friendly and happy, not a pretentious bone in anyone’s body. That’s probably because they can afford to live there….*glares at S.F.* And, having met some of @twelfthknight’s coworkers on this trip, it was time well spent with good food, and even better company.

Shot by local photographer Jenna Sparks, I was able to capture a lot with her as my unofficial Denver photog. Thanks for the captures, Jenna!

IMG_5546Local Coffee Spot: Amethyst Coffee in Southwest Denver. They have a parking lot, wonderful service, and make a mean latte and quiche. IMG_5223 2IMG_5908.JPGIMG_5839Sushi: Sushi Den located in South West Denver was so memorable. It’s voted one of the best Japanese sushi restaurants in the US and I would’ve never thought that considering Colorado is nowhere near a body of water. Chef Toshi flies in his fish supply from Fukuoka so that diners can eat the freshest catch when they are seated.

Hamachi, Salmon, and Crab
Seared Ahi & Hotate (Scallop) 
Saba (Mackerel) and Scallop Tartare

We can’t say enough good things about Sushi Den as the service and every bite was memorable. If you’re interested in eating at Sushi Den, we highly recommend making a reservation. They also have a Happy Hour menu for the after work crowd.


Coffee at Union Station: Pig Train located inside the Terminal of Denver’s Union Station, we came here one very cold morning and couldn’t pass up their freshly made pop tarts!


It then got so cold in the afternoon, definitely layer up. 

Dinner at Linger: This was a memorable experience. Linger is located in Northwest Denver in what used to be an old Mortuary. Yes, that’s correct haha. The setting is beautifully industrial and has a 1920’s feel to it. The cuisine is Asian fusion and normally I’m not the biggest fan of asian fusion, however this was all very interesting to savor and try.

Furikake & Togarashi Popcorn (genius) and Devils on Horseback (bacon wrapped medjool dates and goat cheese)
Popcorn and peking duck bun
Popcorn, Mongolian BBQ Duck Bao, and a New Saigon Cocktail
Cricket Empanadas (yes and they were delicious), Satay Skewers, and KBBQ Tacos

For those visiting Denver, it is my hope that you’d come back to this guide to plan your next amazing meal. I’ve now been to Denver twice and have always looked forward to eating through this city as it’s filled with wonderful restaurants and dining experiences. Cheers everyone!

All looks Shot by Jenna Sparks Photography

What I Wore:

Similar Orange Maxi Dress: found here (40% off)

Hexagon Sunnies: found here

Black Hoodie: I get many of them from here

Special Thanks to Glamour Bar Denver for the blow-dry

Eat List:

Amethyst Cafe

Sushi Den


Pig Train, Denver Union Station


  1. Christine Kong

    I love the burnt orange slip dress on you! The layering is perfect and the color against the mustard sandals are amazing. Your travel looks are all chic and effortless yet also comfy. All the sushi looks so yummy and so fresh too. What delicious food you had there. I’ve only been to Denver once and it was to snowboard so I will have to go and try the city next time. xoxo, Christine


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