Food Gal, At Heart

Rebranding…#Butfirstcoffee Location: Alfred’s Coffee Kitchen, Melrose Place

It sure has been a long time, how is everyone? These past few months have been challenging. I’ve been really frustrated with social media and uninspired to the point where I ask myself why am I doing this? Are people even listening or do they even read my captions anymore? I’ve been sad and angry with the politics in our country. I’ve been frustrated with my day to day because even though I am self employed, I don’t have anyone to help me (yet.) I often feel very isolated with nobody but Boo to talk to or bounce ideas off of. It’s been very lonely and I definitely lost myself somewhere.

Recognize The Problems

Finally acknowledging that I wasn’t happy, I realized how my mood bled into how I went about my day and effected those around me. In an effort to change, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my home away from home which is LA this past month, eating and photographing along the way. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know just how many food adventures my tastebuds have been on recently.

I’ll look at other bloggers out there putting out the same content, same filters, etc. It’s that hamster wheel of manufactured/preset content. I believe that’s exactly what you don’t want to do, which is be like everyone else. So what do I bring to the table? This is what I asked myself a lot lately.

Take Action

Because I don’t know everything and recognize that I’ve flatlined, I have enrolled in some marketing and strategy courses to help fine-tune all that I’ve been doing myself these past years. Asking for help is hard, but it’s essential to grow.

Reestablish Who You Are

I’m a food gal at heart. I live for food. All types of food. People ask me all the time based off a few photos they’ve bookmarked off Instagram for recommendations in whatever city I happen to be in. They’ll ask me what to order based on cuisine and flavor profile, how to order it, and what time to go. I light up when I talk about Heidi’s Banh Mi shop in Venice Beach. I direct people to Okane SF for the most beautiful and fresh sashimi, but you can only go for Lunch particularly. See? I know my restaurants, in both cities. And it finally clicked. It was about time that @shoes_and_sashimi needed to be redefined. Once I looked at what made me happy at my core, I got my fire back.

I will still be mixing in personal style, after all I still enjoy that aspect too and I’m not named Shoes & Sashimi for no reason. But, it’ll be done in a more purposeful way. I’m not here to sell you anything, it has to go deeper than that. I hope you will enjoy coming along my food adventures with me, you are always welcome to sit at my table.

See you soon,



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