Hats off to The Prickly Pear

Everything I love in one post. A good brim and an abundance of cacti. Have any of you eaten cactus or prickly pear before? I recently tried it in a spicy margarita infused with serrano chili and fresh citrus. It was delicious and I’d highly recommend West of Pecos in The Mission of San Francisco if you’re interested.

Cactus by itself, to me at least tastes a bit like a watermelon with a little bite to it.

If you’re in SF, I’d also recommend Tacolicious or Cala for their prickly pear drinks.

For my LA folks, we take our Mexican Food seriously. Like, to the grave seriously. So head to Bar Ama in downtown for the Prickly Pear Bellini or Salazar just north of Silver Lake.



Let’s talk hats for a second. As much as I love footwear, hats for Spring and Summer are my favorite things to wear. Not only do they protect the face, but they turn any bad hair day into a good one instantly. This hat is from Janessa Leone and quite frankly her brims look good on everybody, every hair type, every head shape. I don’t know how she does it.


I am currently aching for new scenery so stay tuned for May because I’ll be doing a few projects in Wine Country. Not a whole lot of cacti up there, but it’ll require more hats and will be nice to cover a different food scene outside of SF and LA.

Have a great weekend and if you enjoy prickly pear dishes or drinks, let me know where you had them!


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