Top 3 Favorite Hats for Spring

I can honestly say that my favorite accessory is a good hat. It can transform a relatively simple outfit into a pulled together one in less than a second. (Not to mention come in handy for those bad hair days!) I also love them simply because they protect your face from sun damage because nobody wants any age spots am I right?

One of my favorite splurge brands has to be Janessa Leone. I don’t know what it is about her hats, but they truly look fabulous on every head shape and hair color. They are pricey, but I do genuinely love their fit and quality.

Hat model Cactus GardenCacti

Felt hat under $100
Snagged this felt hat which I wear year round regardless if it’s sunny or not.

girl in a cactus garden Cactus Garden

Helpful Tips to Preserve Your Brims:

  • Always handle your hats by the brim and not the crown to preserve the crown’s shape.
  • Never leave your hats in a hot car, they’ll dry out and warp! Instead hang them on the wall with a peg or in a hat box
  • If it rains (dang those spring showers!) always allow your hats to dry flat naturally (no blow drying allowed as it’ll shrink or distort the hat.)
Sun Hat under $50
Love Brixton for their affordable styles, and everyone needs a good sun hat!
Brown Janessa Leone sunhat
This brim has lasted years and still one of my favorites to this day. I keep it in a box stuffed with tissue to keep the shape. 

If you’re looking to add hats to your closet this Spring/Summer, I love the investment pieces that Janessa Leone makes. However, I also love a good deal so below I have linked all three options from high to low.

Janessa Leone

(the one I’m wearing seems to be sold out, however their hats are my favorite for a splurge.) “Candy” takes an extra 10% off any item, excluding New Arrivals.

Hat Attack

Bella Felt Hat in Taupe is one I own and wear year round. They also have other colors which are under $100 (+ an extra 10% when you use “Candy“)


Sun hat (Under $50)


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