Connecting over Food: E&O Kitchen & Bar

Girl walks into a bar (that’s me.) I recently visited E&O Kitchen & Bar, an Asian fusion restaurant in Union Square for lunch the other week and I walked out of there feeling full in more ways than one. They’re known for their famous Indonesian corn fritters and I would come back just for those crispy corn, and sweet chili saucy-goodness. If ordering a salad, I recommend trying the asparagus with white miso dressing, it comes with a perfectly done runny egg. Togarashi fries are a must, because who doesn’t love fries. And the shiitake dumplings, I would absolutely order again. It’s almost reminiscent of a hot and sour soup but in dumpling form.

Here’s the wonderful part. I meandered over to the bar for the better lighting and I’m so glad I did because I met a very lovely woman at the end of the bar who truly made my day. She is newly widowed who came out to lunch by herself. Hair gently coiffed, all smiles, and completely put together. She looked lovely and sophisticated. She took interest in what I was eating, shooting, and was just all around supportive of me going after the things I wanted in a society that tells us “what we ought to do.” She ordered a Sapporo and told me her dream is to leave SF soon and buy a small cottage in France to make bread in. I told her she should take my Mom with because that is her dream as well. We chatted a while over our asparagus and pea tendrils. And as I drank my final sip of my spicy jalapeño mock-margarita, she said “Go and live your life. Have fun, do it while you can.” I’ll never forget it and almost wish I had taken her portrait, but I got shy. I’m so very grateful she was there to eat lunch with me.

Often times, life can be lonely and I sure did appreciate the wonderful company. Food brings people together, I’m certain of that.

And so, I cheers to you. Get out there, eat good food and enjoy life. Because what else is there?


E&O Kitchen and Bar

*If you’re reading this, I hope you make it to France soon :)


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