Sustainable Summer

Summer has officially started and I’m happy that I can switch out my pants for comfortable sundresses, finally! This one in particular is from my new friends over at Rae Collective. I first loved Rae Collective for their 100% sustainable and 0 Waste mission, a topic that gets me fired up daily. This is why I am actively supporting brands such as Rae Collective whenever I can. Fast fashion is literally destroying our planet and natural resources. It’s just not worth clogging up a landfill for a trend that lasts 10 minutes. I would urge you to stand up for Mother Nature by choosing to support sustainable small brands like Rae when possible.

I could really go on, but Rae Collective has an amazing one of a kind curated vintage selection at incredibly appealing prices *i.e the denim jacket I wear round the clock, below. This denim is something that’ll last me forever and literally goes well with anything!

And now for the even greater news: Rae just launched their first Eco Collection, all made from deadstock fabrics which I’m excited to tout by wearing this sundress all summer long! I layered it with a cotton tee, but when it’s hotter it looks great without as well. Check their collection out, they have beautiful floral maxi dresses and gorgeous linens to choose from.


With Fourth of July around the corner, I’ll more than likely be wearing this dress to our family reunion in Modesto on the almond farm. Every time I go to the farm and see the land and walk through the orchards, I take a second and realize that so much water, physical man power, and work goes into cultivating acres upon acres of almonds for consumption. And how much of that product is wasted? We can change the way we look at food waste and in turn relay it back to how we look at fashion. I believe it’s as simple as consuming only what you need, not wasting your resources, and supporting the little guys.

Thank you Rae Collective for standing out, now if more brands will follow suit, I think our earth stands a chance.


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