Linen Dress in front of pink home

Summer Linens

I equate linens with summer, which is why I couldn’t pass this dress up from Astr The Label for this past weekend’s Red Egg and Ginger Party. For those that aren’t Cantonese, a Red Egg and Ginger Party is a big party celebrating a baby’s first 100 days on earth. Perfect for the occasion, no?

This dress has pockets which I love and absolutely no stretch so it’ll keep it’s shape for years to come. Plunging necklines usually aren’t my first choice, but this seemed to be a flattering cut for smaller gals such as I. I’m sure you have a lot of weddings and events to go to this summer, as do I. You’ll probably see me wearing linens to most of them because it’s getting warm!

IMG_2163Facetune_02-07-2018-10-02-55Side view linen dress in front of pink homeRuffle Linen dressLinen Dress in front of pink home

This dress I can’t find anywhere now, however Astr the Label is a favorite of mine and they do have the same cut dress in different colors such as Papaya and Stripes which I’ve linked at the bottom of this post.

I wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July! I’ll be heading to Modesto for our annual family reunion on the almond farm (Dad’s side.) Lawd know’s I’ll be eating all the fresh fruit, cousin Barb’s homemade ice cream, and witnessing weird family shenanigans which will be documented on IG Stories.

How will you be spending the holiday? Let me know if the comments please!

P.S If you’re already following me on Instagram, you may have heard of the big news on Stories Highlights! If not, I will be making a formal post on the blog next week for my readers here ;) 

Astr The Label Linen Dresses:

The one I’m wearing has been waitlisted on Lulus, however it is now sold through Amazon! (also comes in black.)

For those who love color, it also comes in this gorgeous Striped Papaya.  “Candy” takes an extra 10% off




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