Where to get this InstaFamous Glitter Pizza in Santa Monica

Someone on Instagram recently asked me where the best buzz worthy pizza places are in Santa Monica, so her question got me searching and it spawned this post today. There are so many “Insta” worthy spots to eat at in LA, it can kind of be overwhelming. Does an “Insta” heavy menu equate to deliciousness? Some really do, some don’t. Now to be clear,  I’m not one to eat at a restaurant simply for “the gram” however when I saw this Magical AF Unicorn Pizza from Dagwood’s Pizza in Santa Monica, their sparkly pizza pie peaked my interest.


Would it taste good? I haven’t ingested glitter in my lifetime, however I’m sure if I were a unicorn it would be a staple part of my diet. But you guys, when I ordered that pizza yesterday and took one bite of that shimmery, prismatic, cheesy ombre slice….man…that was one magical bite. Edible glitter is a thing and it’s just fun to eat, am I right? Cheesy, not greasy, and their marinara sauce isn’t overly tart or sweet. Their crust isn’t too doughy or crunchy, it’s somewhere right in the middle which is what I prefer.


If you’re opting for a more traditional pizza, I also ordered the Woody which consists of pepperoni, sausage, onions, and mushrooms which is great for someone who eats everything. Also, I recommend their Avocado Salad chock full of avo, candied walnuts, and feta. Their lasagna is also a great dish if you’re not in the mood for pizza, I’d order that again.


Well, I’m just stuffed reliving this lunch :D Luckily Trace was happy to have all the leftovers at home since I probably shouldn’t be putting down 2 pizzas in one sitting…what with our wedding approaching.

Also, extra extra love to Dagwoods for being sustainably minded. As you know I am very supportive of eating and spotlighting restaurants who are making huge strides to help our environment through greenware and marine-degradable utensils. They are one of them. If you’re in Santa Monica and feel like trying a bite of what truly is a very Magical AF experience make sure you pop on in to Dagwoods and tell em I sent ya!



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