strawberry platform espadrilles | Flat shoes for Spring

Spring Trends: Sunny with an extra Scoop of Ice Cream

It’s warming up in LA and after being in a creative rut which seemed like all Winter long, I felt like it was time I switch things up creatively and see what newness I can bring to the table for you all. Merging Food + Style was always challenging and for the most part I kept those two separate in terms of content. But after getting inspired by the colors of Spring and tasting some truly unique flavors of ice cream in the last few months, I really got inspired to merge the two which now seems more effortless.

Below are some fun picks for Spring inspired by the most recent ice cream flavors that have stood out in my mind and taste buds as of late. I hope this inspires your closet and your palette for warmer days ahead.

strawberry platform espadrilles | Flat shoes for Spring

Acrylic Ark Mini Cult Gaia Bag
Cult Gaia Ark Mini in Amber: Dare I say this bag was designed off of the Sticky Mango Rice scoop at Wanderlust?

Fila Red Disruptor Sneakers


Aqua Acrylic Cult Gaia bag | Wanderlust Japanese Neopolitan Ice Cream

Sage Ruby Jacket: A jacket almost as light as a Sakura Matcha bar (my personal favorite from Wanderlust Creamery)

Rounding Up + Helpful Tips

Strawberry Espadrilles (size up if you’re a half size)

Cult Gaia Ark Mini Amber (Use Code “Candy” for 10% off everything (excluding new arrivals)

Fila Sneakers (Free Ship if logged in through Amazon Prime)

Cult Gaia Ark Mini Seaglass  (Free Ship if logged in through Amazon Prime)

Sage Ruby Jacket (Also comes in Black!) Use Code “Candy” for an extra 10% off

Favorite LA Ice Creameries

Salt & Straw

Wanderlust Creamery 

Manhattan Beach Creamery

Peddler’s Ice Cream





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