5 Key Items to Pack for Coachella

Festival Season is upon us and while I am not going to any events or Coachella this year, I suppose I can at least dress the part (I mean why not, I live in LA after all. ) If you are heading to the desert this year, make sure to not forget these 5 key items that’ll have you prepared to brave the heat, wind, and dust all weekend long.

An affordable hat:

I wouldn’t bring any expensive brims to a festival. They’ll just get dirty, sweaty, and inevitably lose it’s shape because of the elements. Instead, opt for something packable and durable such as this black number I found from L’Space. They make some really great brims that are all under $70 and hold up while protecting your face during the long hot days ahead. Also…dust is a factor. A hat like this can really help shield your face from the desert dust and wind.

E20B3289E20B3323Swimsuit aka Body Suit:

I love a good one piece swimsuit, especially when it acts as a bodysuit to cinch a waist when you throw a pair of shorts or skirt over it. It’s an easy way of going from the hotel or whatever day event directly to the pool without having to change. I love this white lacy one from Becca Swim, and they make a full size range for any body type which, for the price is a great buy in my opinion.


UV Sunglasses:

I don’t go anywhere without my sunnies (I’m usually in aviators or round frames) and the desert can be so insanely bright. One of my favorite pairs of aviators are from Quay and their High Key Desi Perkins Aviators are ones I’ve had for years. They retail $65, but for the price, they’re a solid pair of frames that flatter every kind of face shape and honestly look great on everyone.


SPF 30-50:

I do not mess around with skincare, especially when it comes to sun exposure. Sometimes a hat and sunnies really aren’t enough when it comes to extended periods of time in the sun, which is why I use SPF 30 (and go up to 50 most days.) Yes, I go that high because for all those who suffer from redness and hyperpigmentation such as myself, we really need that added layer of protection! If you’re looking for a new SPF 30, I just started using Dermalogica’s Prisma Protect which not only hydrates as it protects, but it is sun activated; increasing it’s protecting power. I use this one daily and have been a big fan since receiving it last month. My choice for SPF 50 is also certified vegan and I found this awesome sunscreen at Target which is as wallet friendly as it is effective. Like I said, I don’t really play around with sunscreen, you gotta protect the face at all times!

Aloe Vera:

If you do get a little too sun kissed, the best way to relieve a sunburn is with aloe vera. They come in travel size, gel, a squeeze bottle, mist, jar, and mask but regardless of what form you bring, I recommend sticking it in the fridge for an incredible soothing effect on irritated skin. It also helps heal rashes, bug bites, and quenches dry skin all at the same time.


As you plan for festival season I hope you found this post to be a helpful reminder of what to not forget when planning for a weekend in the desert. The elements really don’t play around and neither should you when it comes to sun protection and comfortability in your fabulous outfits. Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your festival looks on the gram!

Hats I love:

Free shipping here (all under $70)

More options here (“Candy” saves extra 10%)

Swimsuits I love:

This white one is very similar and I love the ruffle detail

More great options here & here

The Sunglasses that Flatter Everyone:

Exact aviators found here but come in more colors here & gold here

SPF I use Daily:

Prisma Protect 30

For a vegan steal, I also love this SPF 50 found at Target

Aloe Vera Products:

I personally like the gel, but they come in all forms like a mist and a mask for easy packing

*Keep in Fridge for Extra Cooling Effect









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