Motorcycle jacket denim and brown mules

Wardrobe Staple: The Moto Jacket

Are we really 8 days into April? Holy moly. If you’re like me and your Monday’s tend to be a bit off kilter, well I understand. The last thing I want to do in the morning is rummage around for a look when I’m just trying to get out the door. To simplify things, there’s something I like to try to live by when getting ready each morning and that’s the 3 piece rule. I don’t feel like a look is complete unless it has three pieces: a Top, a Bottom, and what I call “the closer piece” which usually is a jacket, sweater, or jewelry to tie the whole thing together. The goal is to be comfortable and look pulled together without having it take more than a minute to think about each day and that’s why I love my moto jacket.

Out of all the jackets I do have, the moto is the one staple piece I reach for time and time again, day after day, week after week and it never has failed me. I have literally worn this jacket for years and it’s still going strong.  For that effortlessly cool girl look, it’s the ideal jacket to toughen up any pair of denim, skirt, or flowy dress.

model in front of a pink and blue graffiti art wall
You Are Going To Be Fine

Layered necklaces over a graphic tee

Styling Tips:

*Pair a Moto Jacket with a graphic tee for the rocker look

*Add another conversation piece, such as dainty jewelry. It lightens the toughness of the jacket and the jewelry pieces often can be conversation starters in social settings

*Stick to neutral jackets: Black, White, Tan, and Denim pair well with nearly anything in your closet. Motorcycle jacket denim and brown mulesTiger Tee Shirt worn underneath a Motorcycle JacketThis jacket I got from Lulu’s years ago and it’s still a very popular item on their site which is why they keep bringing it back. For those looking for other options, I’ll link some down below. IMG_4879

Some of you on Instagram asked me where this art was located. I will answer. This set was taken one early morning at The Row in DTLA. It’s one of my favorite spots for coffee, window shopping, and restaurants. Not to mention all the cool graffiti and art work around every corner. If you’re in DTLA on Sundays consider coming to The Row for Smorgasburg 10-4pm where over 70+ Food Truck + Restaurant Vendors pop up for some great eats. If you go, you’ll probably find me in this jacket checking out all my favorite stands like Broad Street Oyster Co, MidEast Tacos, Plantae Bar, and Wanderlust Creamery to name a few. Trace and I look forward to this each Sunday so if you spot me don’t be shy!

It is indeed Monday so the week just started, but I hope this post inspires you to make getting ready each day a bit simpler. Who knew a moto jacket could do that ;) Thanks for reading!

Lulu’s Moto Jacket

Similar Options:

Black here and here (on sale)

And a wide but wonderful selection here




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