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Hello everyone and welcome to my personal style diaries, my name is Lauren Nakagawa. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, I am a quintessential California girl. I hold a BFA in Costume Design from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts and have lived and worked as an LA based Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer for the past 6 years. I’ve had the privilege of dressing many talent over the years, men and women from haute couture to street wear. As much fun and grueling this industry is, the tide has been changing and I ask myself “what’s next?”

With the shift in LA’s film industry, the Bay Area has been pulling me back recently and I am very happy to split my time each month from both wonderful cities. While deep in thought as I wrapped up my last shoot of the year, I was looking at my beat up little sneakers as I ate my sushi lunch…and then Shoes and Sashimi was born.

This style blog will serve as a weekly photo diary of all my wardrobe pieces I have collected and continue to collect over the years thanks to the countless shoots and films I’ve been a part of. Because I’m not on set every day (although I would love to be) you’ll also get to see my love for food as I eat from the Bay to LA and back again. Thank you for taking interest in my journey whether it be for the style inspiration, love of food and city life or all of the above. I’m not entirely sure where this blog will go or become, but I know it’ll be 100% me.

All the best,


10 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. Thank u so much Amy, that truly made my day. I’m not a writer, but I’d like to think that what I put out is honest and 100% me :) Thanks again, I look forward to reading more from u as well!


  1. ahh your life sounds really exciting as a stylist and costume designer! I can’t wait to read more posts :D

    p.s. the sashimi pic you have in your header makes my mouth water haha.

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