2017: Here’s what’s Coming

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for sticking with me all this time. It’s been a challenging year with Granny passing, lots of changes within the family, and juggling the highs and lows of being your own boss/art director/stylist/ etc. I like building something from nothing, all I have to do is light that match and let it ignite. I just wish some people were here still to see it all come to fruition, but I know they’re up there guiding me and looking over someway, somehow.

Thank you for being supportive as always, @Twelfthknight and family. Huge thank you to the brands that have helped make 2016 a successful one and to those who have continued to work with me into this year. A very big thank you to Rachel Radcliffe for shooting with me weekly, we’re a great team and I value your friendship and admire your tireless work ethic.

And of course, thank you to you my readers for supporting this blog and taking interest, I truly am thankful.


Here’s what’s coming up in the next few months, and I hope you continue to read and follow along on Instagram to catch all the fun. My goal is to do things I wanted to do in my 20’s that I never was able. With every brand and project, shoot and experience, I want to execute it with precision and spin a more creative lens. I am now 30. I traveled a bit last year, I hope to do more outside of the states, hopefully London and Japan…

Jan. 7th



9th-13th NY Fashion Week

22nd-26th Vegas / Desert


Wishing you all a Happy New Year and success in your own pursuits



All photos shot by Rachel Radcliffe

Piedmont, CA

Fringe Jacket: Amuse Society

Body Suit: Free People

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: M.gemi

Watch: Nicole Vienna

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie

Happy Birthday ‘Murica. Did everyone have a good 4th of July weekend? As usual, I look forward to our big family reunion on Great Uncle Jack’s almond farm in Modesto, CA. It’s the highlight of the summer as far as family events are concerned. My Japanese American side of the family (Dad’s side) literally planted their roots in California’s farming country (as did many Japanese Americans after the war) where they raised almonds, strawberrys, and peaches. Without giving you a history lesson since that’ll be it’s own book, I’ll just round up the highlights of this year’s festivities.

We grandkids have a very close relationship with our Obachan, aka “Granny.” So even with all that has happened to her this year, at 92 years of age she was able to enjoy the day (wheel chair and all with the special thanks to my mom and Auntie Kioko.) The boyfriend came with our fur baby Boo to meet the entire family which was incredibly fun. It was great to show him the farm and countryside as he’s never been before. Everyone adores Boo and everyone agrees Tracy fits right in with our big fam. And to verify acceptance, Great Auntie Fumi said “oh my, he’s so handsome” *winks*..so there’s that hehe :D

All us cousins are grown up now and as we’ve gotten older we’ve become much more connected, i.e playing multiple rounds of a boardgame called Tsuro. It’s challenging, and we were all really into it. Old photo albums were out to look at, most of which were from the 60’s-70’s, some earlier. I love looking through those polaroids, Granny and Auntie they were quite fashionable with their cat-eye glasses. Eerily, there’s a lot of facial expressions Auntie Kioko makes in these photos, and they are quite distinct so apparently it’s genetic as I have those distinct expressions as well…yep the older I get, I’m becoming more like my Aunt. Hmph.

It’s not a party without food, and we take it very seriously here. We’re all bakers and cooks, at least the women are. So every year we have an array of grass fed burgers, polish sausages, salmon patties, sushi, Japanese fried chicken, at least 5 different salads, and cousin Barbara’s 3 different homemade ice creams to accompany some sort of pie or cake. By the time everyone eats and rests and eats again, the sun is setting and we light some firecrackers and call it a mighty full day.

Family is really everything here and any third party observing can see just how strong our personalities, genetics, and sense of humor really trickles down to each person and generation. My Dad grew up in Modesto and he’s instilled this great sense of work ethic into my brother and I. It’s incredibly humbling and the respect for our parents and grandparents are of the utmost, that never goes away.

From my family to yours, we wish you the best :) As always, thanks for reading.

Greylin Collection Overalls and Kombucha on this very hot 4th. Cheers!
Greylin Collection Overalls and Kombucha on this very hot 4th. Cheers!


Cousin Cyndy's rice crispy treats
Cousin Cyndy’s rice crispy treats
Great Uncle Jack's Barn. Many a basketball game played here.
Great Uncle Jack’s Barn. Many a basketball game played here.
Ever seen an almond? This is an almond, they're kinda furry.
Ever seen an almond? This is an almond, they’re kinda furry.
Observing the orchards :)
Observing the orchards :)
Auntie Kioko's Coconut Cream Pie. She's an assassin in the kitchen.
Auntie Kioko’s Coconut Cream Pie. She’s an assassin in the kitchen.
We got a bit festive this year, last year we didn't have these.
We got a bit festive this year, last year we didn’t have these.
Overalls, because I'm in the country but still chic. yes.
Overalls, because I’m in the country but still chic. yes.
We like our organic ginger beer. yes.
We like our organic ginger beer. yes.
The Farm
The Farm
Cousin Barbara's Homemade Ice Cream. Peach on left. Strawberry on right.
Cousin Barbara’s Homemade Ice Cream. Peach on left. Strawberry on right.
Alrighty, time to go back inside. Until next year!
Alrighty, time to go back inside. Until next year!

What I wore:

Sunnies: Le Specs

Overalls: Greylin Collection

Shoes: Teva