Holidays at Home

I’m cozying up this week with my friends at Riviera Towel Company on this very special holiday post. The holidays have changed over the years, but some of my fondest moments are of the house smelling of Mom’s gingerbread, espresso biscotti, and my brother and I icing cookies for the gaggle of family coming in and out of our house. Christmas has always been sensory and visual, from the fresh tree to the baked goods.

img_8848img_8855As time goes on and everyone gets older some of those smells have gone away. We don’t do much on gift giving, in fact we don’t partake in Christmas shopping at all anymore. For us it’s really all about food, family, and banter. Not that it still isn’t, but as we’ve gotten older my Grandparents are no longer here with us and gatherings have become smaller and smaller. The fresh trees haven’t been in our house in a long time, but we do have garlands, Boo (our fur baby in his Christmas sweater) and fairy lights strung up which is nice. I miss certain things from childhood and I hope that one day we find that again.

To bring back some holiday spirit into our home, Riviera Towel Company prompted my idea for this shoot just in time for Christmas. Their towels are 100% Turkish Cotton and so incredibly soft and versatile. I wrapped myself in one, gathered my current favorite holiday things, and voila: a cozy holiday picnic, right in our own home :) *Scroll to the bottom for 20% off your own blankie.img_8862img_8854img_8852

Life is like a box of chocolates. These are from Christopher Elbow

img_8861A favorite wine from this year’s Paso Robles trip: Ecluse Vineyard


I toast to all of you this holiday season. Thank you for reading and keeping up with me this year. And special thanks to Riviera Towel Co. for bringing warmth and reigniting my creative spark this Christmas. It’s the best gift of all.

For those of you who want to cozy up, you can purchase their gorgeous towels (these are $32 ) on their site here . They also give back to organizations who help save our oceans, I love that I can help support their mission.

Even more, take 20% off using code “sashimi20” at checkout

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!



Recollection (Omoide)

This may be my favorite set for certain reasons. If you have ever been to Little Osaka in Los Angeles you will find yourself in foodie heaven. It’s a hidden quiet gem in such a crazy city. Though I am only half ninja myself, I have considered the Sawtelle neighborhood of West LA my home away from home for many years. I even searched for property out there when the condo boom swept the area. Here you’ll find some of the best ramen houses in LA County, curry options, exquisite sushi bars, Japanese markets and grocery stores as well as newer establishments such as Bachi Burger, Blockheads, and Seoul Sausage.

I have fond memories here, some of them sad but still meaningful. Passing by some familiar homes here the other day, I couldn’t help but think of certain faces. You just can’t help it. Sorry, just walking down memory lane, don’t mind me.

Bittersweet, absolutely. Not entirely because I was reminicisng, but also because I was packing that day for a permanent move. That’s right, I have now moved out of LA and back to my original home, the Bay Area. Not entirely a shocker to some of you who follow me on Instagram. This shoot in Sawtelle was literally the last series I shot, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way in my most favorite part of Los Angeles. It’s been a wild ride, but I’m happy to live and document my next life chapter still doing what I love to do in one shape or another.

Thanks for the wonderful memories LA. I’ll be back to take on temporary projects, but until then Sayonara.

Perfect outfit for strolling Sawtelle. On the look out for ramen.
Perfect outfit for strolling Sawtelle. On the look out for ramen.
Bag by Deux Lux (
Bag by Deux Lux (
Aviators by Le Specs.
Aviators by Le Specs.
Necklace by Gorjana
Necklace by Gorjana
Tsujita Annex. Home to the only artisanal pulled noodles in Southern CA and comes with my highest recommendation.
Tsujita Annex. Home to the only artisanal pulled noodles in Southern CA and comes with my highest recommendation.

shoesandsashimi2-42 shoesandsashimi2-46


Aviators: Le Specs

Bag: Deux Lux

Jeans: J Brand

Vest: Guess

Necklace: Gorjana

Photos: Erich Chen

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